JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker Review

Finding the best component speaker for your car can be a bit tricky, especially if you do not want to take any chances and blow out some of your other car audio components! And, besides, there are numerous factors you need and ought to consider. You need to look at the impedance, mounting options, and much more.

In this guide, we review of one of the best component speakers: the JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker.


JBL is not a new name. They are well-known makers of premium audio speakers. They have been in the speaker making business for decades. Thus, all their speakers are made with the utmost expertise to give you unmatched listening experience.

Are you an audio enthusiast searching for an affordable yet top-notch aftermarket component speaker? If you are looking to replace your factory-installed speaker, and are looking for a nice replacement option this JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker review is a must-read!

Key Features

  • Carbon-injected Plus One Woofer
  • Oversized tweeter voice coils
  • Adjustable tweeter volume
  • Low impendence
  • Dome silk tweeters

Key Specification

  • 6.5-inch component car speaker system
  • Three-ohm voice coil
  • Power range of 5 to 90 watts RMS
  • Peak power of 270 watts
  • Frequency response range of 53 to 21, 000Hz
  • 93dB sensitivity
  • Woofer mount depth of 2.0625 inches
  • 6 ½ inch woofer cones
  • ¾ inch dome tweeter

Excellent Performance

Although the impendence rating on the JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker appears weak at three ohms, it will wow you with its performance.

The speakers produce excellent sound quality. The imaging is better than most other options and the staging is perfect.

Impressive Sound Quality

The JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker comprises two woofers, two tweeters, and two external crossovers. This system has an impressive frequency range of 53 to 21, 000Hz. Thus, it produces top-quality sound even in the noisy highways.

The tweeters handle the mid and highs while the woofers play the low frequencies. Forget about the tired highs common in coaxial speakers. This system plays well-balanced music regardless of the genre.

On top of that, the Plus One woofer cones are specially made to produce extra bass. The Plus One technology makes the woofers larger than other options in the same size class. Larger space means there is extra space for more air circulation than in other 6 ½ inch woofers. The bass quality is also decent for its price

That’s not all. The tweeters have large voice coils for optimum power handling and perfect dispersal of heat. As a result, the highs are not a pain in the ears. They are smooth and flawless.

Another impressive feature of The JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker is the tweeter volume adjustment switch. You can set the tweeter volume levels to those that match your music and to suit your preferred listening experience.


The system includes a carbon injected woofer cone. Carbon ensures that the speakers remain intact even with strong sound waves.

The woofer cones have a butyl rubber on the outside. Thus, the speaker is flexible. It is also a well-made system that is going to last for years

Clever Crossover Network​

The purpose of crossovers in a component speaker system is to ensure the mid and high frequencies go to the tweets while the low frequencies go to the woofers.

The JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker has two crossovers that that work perfectly to serve this purpose. Also, the tweeter switch allows you to adjust the sound to suit your style.

Installation And Mounting

The woofers are easy to install. They are also well made and can be installed even on rugged surfaces without worrying that you’ll damage them. They also fit perfectly in 6 ½ inch speaker openings.

Their unique patented I-mount system means you can either mount them anywhere in your car or use the designated openings.

Additionally, you can fit the tweeters using various methods. You can either use the surface-mount or flush. Here is an easy guide on how to install your tweeters.

What we liked​

  • Well balanced sound output
  • The speaker system is well made
  • Flexible tweeter mounting options
  • Adjustable tweeter volume
  • Fits a wide range of cars
  • Highly sensitive

What we did not like​

  • Bass quality could have been better
  • Impedance could have been higher
  • Requires an external amp for optimum performance

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old speakers or a budget speaker with excellent sound, the JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker is a choice worth considering.

The system is well made and its sound quality is excellent.

Also, because of the Plus One carbon cones, the JBL GTO 609C Component Speaker produces better bass that most other speakers of the same size. And, the oversized coils ensure a great quality high-frequency sound.

I hope this post helps you make an informed purchase decision!

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