Car Subwoofers FAQs & Guides

  Q: What Do Subwoofers Do? A: A Subwoofer(or sub) is a dedicated low-frequency component which covers deep,low frequency ranges that typical car speakers can reach.Car subwoofers come in various designs,size and configuration.They’re designed specifically to reproduce the deepest notes in the musical spectrum.A subwoofer is certainly part of the picture (but not all of … Read more

Car Speakers : FAQs & Guides

  Q: What makes aftermarket speakers better than factory speakers ?  If well-chosen, a set of aftermarket speakers can make noticeable difference in terms of sound quality.Aftermarket speakers are usually built with high quality materials, so they can deliver crisper and more dynamic sound, as opposed to factory speakers built with cheap materials that tend … Read more

Looking for the Best 5×7 Car Speakers ?

When it comes to choosing a set of car speakers, the size of the speakers is an incredibly important factor that prospective buyers should take into account before making a purchase.There is 6 X 9 , 6.5 , 6 X 8.These are the most popular car speaker sizes.There is also smaller sizes such as 5″ … Read more

Ported VS Sealed Subwoofer : Which Is Really Better ?

The only effective way you’re really going to experience full,rich-sounding bass from your car stereo is by adding a subwoofer to your sound system.Adding a subwoofer to your system will give it that extra kick it has been missing; a subwoofer will greatly extend your sound system’s bass response produced by your existing speakers and … Read more

Best Car Stereos

2014 best car stereos reviews

In your quest for the best car stereo, it’s important to remember one crucial fact: the more features, the greater the cost.Sure, some stereos perform better than others,but there really are great products in every price range.Luckily, there are various car headunits to choose from.Afterall aftermarket stereos come with huge advantages over factory-installed car stereos.And … Read more

Car Speakers – Infinity Vs Pioneer : Settling the Debate

For the longest time, two companies have basically dominated the world of car audio industry – Infinity and Pioneer.Both of them are pretty solid brands with some really impressive speakers under their belts.To choose between them is to essentially decide which kind of listening experience to go for : little bass and more realism (Pioneer) … Read more

Reviewing Some of The Best Underseat subwoofers

underseat subwoofers reviews

In your quest for the best underseat subwoofer, it’s important to remember one crucial fact: these subs aren’t going to turn your ride into a rolling thunderstorm of bass when compared to larger subs,they may not be a great option if you’re looking for ground-pounding bass, but they can certainly add some depth and punch … Read more

Our Take on The Best 15 Inch Subwoofer

Premier TS-W8102SPL 15 inch review

>>Click here to see prices, specs and reviews of the best 15″ inch subwoofers<< When it comes to subwoofers,size really does matter.If you’re seeking big bass and you’ve got plenty of room in your vehicle,there’s no substitute for larger subs.Otherwise,if space is an issue in your vehicle,and you still want to experience some bass,there are … Read more