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Who doesn’t love music? I bet you do. If you’re a music addict like me, then these 6×9 speaker boxes are a must-have! These 6×9 speaker boxes are great for listening to soothing as well as blasting music. 

I understand choosing a 6×9 speaker is a hard job, especially with all these amazing brands out there, all having their highs and lows. When selecting audio equipment, it is critical that it produces high-quality sound. They are also long-lasting, simple to install, and reasonably priced.

We’ll go over all of the features to look for, such as impedance, product type, and circuitry. We’ll also tell you what their maximum and average power capabilities are.

Best 6×9 Speaker Boxes: Our Top 6 Picks

#1 Best Overall – JBL-GTO-939

JBL has led the audio market showing and launching several amazing speakers back-to-back. We have picked the JBL-GTO-939 as it has the power to impress anyone without fail. This amazing sound system tops our list. It is a high-value packed deal. This JBL GTO 939 speaker system is a striking deal. 

You will love these as it is one of those rare pieces which has a complete overall balance. It provides 30-watt power-packed handling and has crystal clear sound. This is an excellent fit for an average man’s wallet, which is mainly dumped upon bills.

This has an octave in mid-bass and bass fullness which other speakers don’t have. So, this woofer speaker is a better option for playing louder music than the Infinix one. 

The highs are a crisp and adjustable tweeter, and a super tweeter with level control is the icing on the cake. The designs and the materials used make it a great fit and also enhances the sound quality. The only loophole is that it’s not waterproof.

We choose this woofer 6× 9 system because of its exciting features. This co-axial system was made to the top of our list as this is the perfect overall. Although this one provides the best deal you can get, the easy installation and the smooth transition are the features we like the most.


  • This model has an in-built microphone.
  • Installation is a breeze with this.
  • This offers a smooth transition between woofer and tweeter.


  • It is not waterproof.

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#2 Best Value for Money – Kenwood KFC 6995PS 

This KFC is the best value for your money. It offers 125 Watt RMS, great for car speakers. It is water-resistant, Unlike the JBL model. This has a four–ohm–resistance and provides a whooping frequency response of 60 to 200 kilohertz. It offers a 620 W power range and 88 DB sensitivity.

This power range is excellent for a 4-ohm speaker. Also, the combination of the features altogether makes this make at value for money.

This KFC -6995PS deserves to be the best value for money speaker as it provides the best value for your money. In addition, it has an awesome sensitivity of 88 DB and a frequency response of 60-20 kHz, making it an ideal candidate for our list.


  • It has an aesthetically sexy sound quality.
  • The sound transitions from higher to lower are incredibly smooth.


  • The bass doesn’t have a good range.

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#3 Best Cheap – Kicker 43DSC69304-D

Want to have quality speakers in your car? The best one which comes to my mind is this 43DSC69304-D model from Kicker. This four-ohm provides EVC (Extended voice coil) feature, and it is much clearer than other voice coils.

These three-way speakers offer 90 W RMS power handling per pair. The sound offered by these can be both higher and lower than others. It hits all notes perfectly, thanks to the 0.5-inch PEI domed to the tweeter. 

The best thing about these is that they can go as low as 30 hertz. So the frequency offered is in the amazing range of 30-20 kHz.

All kickers are good to use, but we fall in love with these Los base notes as well as the sensitivity of 92 DB. These can take you to your dreamland.


  • These can offer a much lower base as compared to the other available options 
  • The great RMS power handling can’t be missed.


  • Not a great choice when considered the above ones.

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#4 Best Recommended – Infinity Kappa

Other than our top 3, this one is deal stellar too. If you love to hear music, then you will love these. Infinity offers a series of amazing best-selling speakers, and this is one model which steals our hearts. 

These Infinity models are a hook! These are excellent upgrades for the stock speakers, which come auto-built with your cars. These 330 w each or 660 w for the pair power speakers provide an impressive RMS output for 220 W per pair or 110 W each. 

These are great for those who love music in medium ranges. The one plus technology and the UHF tweeter will make you fall in love. You will be pleased to hear music while traveling as it gives a pleasing and aesthetic vibe o your ears. The bubbly sound makes it easy for your good.

Still need a why? These features made this model have a grand entry to our list.


  • It is an excellent choice for an upgrade 
  • This is a golden choice for a short span.


  • It offers slight distortion
  • This doesn’t offer too much bass as compared to others.

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#5 Best Upgrade- BOSS Audio Systems BE694 6 x 9 Inch Car Speakers

This is last but not the least model, easy to go on the installation the feature we all love. This range by Boss comes with a blue LED-illuminated cone style that adds a great look to almost any system application. 

Credit for this goes to the great woofer, producing incredible highs. Moreover, the piezoelectric tweeters are resistant to overloads that would usually destroy most high-frequency drivers, and they can be used without a crossover.

Also, it has a rubber surround that helps resist almost all types of weather systems. We choose this for several reasons, but the main credit goes to the price range and those highs. For loud music lovers, it is a good choice if you ignore the distortion.


  • This model offers features at a good price range.
  • It is good for an easy upgrade.
  • It has nice highs.


  • It has a disadvantage in that it offers distortion at higher volumes which may be unpleasing to some people, especially audiophiles.
  • It has comparably less bass.

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#6 A Worthy Addition – Alpine SPS-619

This is the one that is a cherry on the top. After our top five, this Alpine speaker is a deal-breaker. It has the last position only because of its high price. These Alpine SPS -619 speakers offer a great variety of features.

Designed to deliver a wide range of frequency responses, these Alpine products provide nominal impedance.

These are made from quality A-grade components. It has an impressive power output of 520 W per pair, and an RMS output of 170 W. These tri-coaxial speakers have an alluring ergonomic design. It is also heavier than other products, but the added weight increases its durability.

We choose this because of the high professional and pleasing designs and a power output of 520 W.


  • The ergonomic design makes it an excellent fit for your home décor too.
  • It gives high power output.


  • It is extremely expensive.

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Features To Look for When Buying 6× 9 Speakers


A measure of how much the speaker can resist the current from the circuit. The more the impedance, the more the sounds are clear and transparent. Also, the bass definition gets better.

For a layman, impedance means resistance, but in more scientific terms, impedance is the resistance offered by a speaker to the AC supplied by the amplifier. It is measured in ohms. 

The impedance stated on the spears is the nominal impedance, or the technical average for the impedance means more current can flow through, meaning more music can flow through. But the key is to look for a good range of impedance comparable to your system.


When looking for a good quality speaker, don’t forget to check its sensitivity.

This one is inversely proportional to Power handling. So, if you have higher sensitivity speakers, considered a speaker with a lower power handling speaker and if you have lower sensitivity skiers, consider one with high power handling. 

But keep in mind lower impedance speakers have less output but are considered good for the long run. Sensitivity can vary then measured at home environment, and ting centers as non-eco zones offer better sensitivity. 

But some companies do test speakers in real situations giving more realistic data. In general, speakers have a sensitivity range of 85 to 88 DB, and the speaker has a sensitivity above 90 DB, considered great.

Power Handling

Power handling just tells us how much power a speaker can handle. The proper handling ability also depends on your system. Maximum RMS handling is to be considered and not the peak power. 

This is a realistic measure of how much power a speaker can use. It is measured in watts and considered at a continuous, peak, or RMS (Root mean square) Value. The amplifier provides signal chains that have audio signals, which in turn help speakers produce audio. 

This signal exchange is what we call power. Speakers can convert this electrical energy into mechanical energy via electromagnetism in most cases. This is where the voice coil comes into play as different voice coils made up of different things can turn different voices at different frequencies. 

We use power to rate speakers because although AC flows through, it can be positive or negative depending on the phase of the cycle, but the power always remains positive and hence is easier to measure.

Sound Quality  

This is the most important factor, which is inclusive of all the other factors such as the sensitivity impedance power handling and the quality of the material used. 

You must have noticed the variation in a different range of speakers; different speakers offer different sound qualities, which are very different from each other. For example, some have very pleasing highs while others have aesthetic lows; on the other hand, some sound gets distorted. 

Why is this so? This is because the sound quality depends on several her factor especially the designs and the material used for making speakers or woofers play a great role in deciding the design quality. 

This means we must look at other features to know the exact sound quality the speaker produces. It is very hard to tell the exact sound quality of the speaker, but we can tell the sound ran is.


The materials and designs are essential for good sound quality. The tweet is edge-driven, and with the textile, dome design is the best considerable feature. 

Also, consider the woofer surround materials while buying as they play a significant role in enhancing or depleting the sound quality. 

So, checking them is a must-do. Rubber-made ones generally performed the best. Form And clothes can also be considerable they considering quality sounds. The good quality of materials makes your sound delicately pleasing.


We understand that buying speakers for your car are a big decision. So, we have tried our best to provide the best version models and brands available in the market so that you can skim throughout the blog and better understand the different models and their advantages and disadvantages and choose one best suited to your needs and desires. 

The brands we have recommended have a worthy place in the market. So, you can trust this review to you your fullest and buy one of the recommended brands. Click on the links added to see the products or to buy them.


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