What Does 3 Way Speaker Mean?

3 Way Speaker Guide

To put it simply, a 3 way speaker means that it consists of 3 parts. The Woofer Mid-range speaker Tweeter The Woofer handles the low range (bass) frequencies.  These are the larger speakers in the 3-way speaker system. The Mid-range speaker is smaller than the Woofer and larger than the Tweeter.  Not surprisingly, this speaker … Read more

Car Subwoofers FAQs & Guides

Car Subwoofers FAQ

When buying your first Sub, I’m sure you’ll have several questions that pop to your head. Like where do you even begin? What size should you get? What kind of factors increase or decrease performance? If your entirely new at this, sometimes you won’t know what you don’t know! Not to worry. In this guide, … Read more

Car Speakers : FAQs & Guides

car speakers

When it comes to car speakers, you have a ton of options. But where do you even begin? What makes an aftermarket speaker that much better than my current factory ones? Apparently you can either get a component speaker or a coaxial speaker when it comes to replacing your car speakers. Does it matter what … Read more