What Should You Consider Before Buying a Subwoofer?

A quality subwoofer is your first step towards a quality car audio setup. However, choosing the best car subwoofer isn’t easy. It is not as simple as choosing the first subwoofer that fits your car, or the one that has the most bass.    When it comes to setting up your car’s audio system, knowing what […]

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Build the Best Car Stereo System

How to Build the Best Car Stereo System

When you get a vehicle, there are a select few things that every driver must have. Some prefer having the performing vehicle out there – the best suspension system, a clean sounding engine, or maybe a real loud muffler. Some prefer having the external clean look – a nice paint job, a lowered car, and […]

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Tweeter Installation Guide: How to Install Tweeters in Your Car

If you have decided to venture into car audio system upgrading,you’re going to need to know how to install the tweeters. Tweeters are a sort of speakers designed to cover high frequencies that typical speakers can’t reach. They work in conjunction with woofers (woofers cover low-frequency sounds – bass) to deliver a well-balanced sound.  Installing them […]

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How To Choose The Best Car Amplifier for Your Car

The vast majority of cars nowadays come with some sort of built-in amplifier. These amplifiers aren’t external. They’re usually built into the headunit, and they’re not as powerful as you may have once thought. So how do you choose the best car amplifier for your car? It’s not always right to blame your speakers if […]

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How To Install Car Speakers Yourself

One question that often comes up when upgrading your car speakers is how to install car speakers? Is it all that difficult? Can you do it yourself or do you need a licensed professional to get it done? Car speakers aren’t usually neither expensive nor terribly difficult to install which makes them the single most […]

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