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So, we’ve included a ton of Pioneer products in our reviews. We thought it was time to introduce you guys to the brand’s most commonly purchased receivers – the Pioneer DEH Receivers.

Pioneer is a Japanese company that has been a leader in the car stereo business since 1938. However, we don’t just mean stereos; Pioneer is also a leading manufacturer of other entertainment products, including home theaters, computer speakers, car speakers, amplifiers, DVD receivers …etc.To us, this means that Pioneer has mastered the art of providing consistently good quality products, be it car audio entertainment, A/V receivers, or home audio systems.

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General Thoughts on Pioneer DEH receivers

We’ve come to really like Pioneer DEH receivers. We don’t just mean receivers; all their other products are top-notch quality. We like most about Pioneer DEH receivers because they come in a wide variety of prices ranging from $70 to $200 to accommodate any budget. Pioneer has a wide variety of products for beginners or veterans of In-car entertainment. Some of their low-priced models come with all the regular standard features and are reasonably priced, whereas high-end models can be very costly – think of it as a long-term investment.

One thing to note with this is that The more features you want and the higher level of performance you’d like, the more money you’ll need to spend…but it’s worth it if it’ll help you stay entertained. A low-priced model won’t include as many features as a high-end model, low-priced models aren’t also as visually appealing as some of the Pioneer’s high-end models, and so on.

Pros & Cons

Pros : 

Pioneer is a very reliable brand. It’s leading the way for affordable, reliable car receivers. It just feels like you can’t go wrong whether you get the double or single-DIN head unit, entry-level or high-end model. I am sure you will be happy with it. Pioneer is a trusted name; it’s a high-quality car stereo manufacturer from Japan, not a fly-by-night imitation brand from China, respectively.

Cons : 

One thing to watch out for, however, is the display. Several reviewers have noted that it can be hard to read, especially in daylight, unless you squint really hard – straining your eyes, not to mention distracting you from the road. We didn’t have that problem with receivers we’ve come across, but it might be a major quality issue for some people. Just something to look out for.

Pioneer 2015 receivers offer a wide variety of settings, expandability options, and adjustments like multiple choices of input, iPod, iPhone through BT, HD radio, etc. There’s also MixTrax, but I feel like it’s kind of gimmicky. On the other hand, some young people find it awesome.

We included a few different DEH series receivers for you guys. We realize by now that you have different needs, preferences, budgets, etc. So, please have a look at our recommendations from Pioneer.

Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS


The DEH-X9600BHS receiver is the flagship and the most expensive of Pioneer DEH Series receivers; it’s going to be the most expensive pick of the lineup by far. If you’ve read some of our reviews of single din head units, you’ll know why. You truly get a modern receiver with all the convenient features you’ll ever need, including Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming, Pandora® Internet radio control, dual rear USB inputs, and HD Radio™ tuner for crystal-clear AM/FM radio broadcasting. An optional SiriusXM tuner can also be easily added. If you’re a tweaker, you’ll appreciate the advanced sound controls and a variable-color display.MIXTRAX feature, on the other hand, will add DJ-inspired effects and professional style transitions between songs stored on your smartphone,iPod, or USB thumb drive. This is a car audio manufacturer with a proven record making receivers of all types with the best features available. It will be a huge upgrade over your stock stereo in every way.


The DEH-X9600BHS’s fold-down detachable face offers enough room to display track or station’s metadata (song title, album, artist…).You can change the color of your full-Dot, 3-line LCD, as well as control buttons separately, creating so many combinations to match your mood and your car’s interior. We have come across a few people who have stated that choosing a green color for the display is the only good daytime color option, especially for those people where limo tint is illegal on front windows. Additionally, despite being a solid receiver, the 9600BHS has a cheaper feel than what we would expect for its price tag. We’d like to see some improvements to the design. Other than that, this is a great piece to add to your car’s dash.

Pioneer DEH-X8600BH

Pioneer DEH-X8600BH

The DEH-X8600BH is another beautiful and trusted car receiver by Pioneer. Admittedly, like other receiver reviews, we have done, the DEH-X8600BH is yet another top-notch head unit from Pioneer. It’s actually the brother of the DEH-X9600BHS; the main difference between that receiver and its lack is SiriusXM Radio. If SiriusXM Radio isn’t high on your list of requirements or features, then we highly recommend getting this receiver instead of the other one. This will save you about $40.Otherwise, get the DEH-X8600BS version which supports SiriusXM but not HD Radio.

To put it simply, Pioneer offers two versions of DEH-X8600. One with HD radio but not SiriusXM (Pioneer DEH-X8600BH ), and another one with SiriusXM but not HD radio ( Pioneer DEH-X8600BS ).Which one of these is better boils down to personal preference. Its only issues are barely minuscule, and its pros far outweigh its cons in a big way.

One of the minor downsides with this receiver is that it doesn’t come with a detachable face case to carry it in.

Pioneer DEHX6600BT & Pioneer DEH-X6600BS


 If your budget can’t stretch to one of 2015’s flagship DEH receivers, consider DEH-X6600BT. We highly recommend this model for those of you who are a bit more budget-minded. This model comes in two varieties, one with and the other without SiriusXM Radio. Unfortunately, both models also lack HD radio; this might not be a huge drawback as HD Radio isn’t yet widespread in so many countries. However, if that’s a must for you, consider shelling out a few extra bucks to get a more advanced model. Other than that, we’ve found it to be reasonably priced for what it is and what it does. At around $105, it’s not too expensive – and if you’re an audio connoisseur, it could be a great investment.

The DEH-X6600 CD receiver boasts a decent array of features and surprisingly good sound quality. It comes with all the regular features, including built-in Bluetooth® for hands-free calling and audio streaming from any Bluetooth supported device, USB access to music on Android™ smartphones (Without any app on 4.0 or later), USB direct control of Apple devices (iPod® or iPhone®), Pandora® radio for both IOS and Android, as well as Siri Eyes Free voice recognition compatibility.

Pioneer DEH-X4600BT CD receiver

Pioneer DEH-X4600BT

This is a similar product to the previous DEH-X6600 cd receiver we have reviewed. However, you are forfeiting a bit by going with this head unit rather than the other (I mean, it is less than $10). The main difference is this receiver comes neither with HD radio nor SiriusXM Radio. And its display and control buttons color are Blue by default, and it’s fixed But, don’t get us wrong; this receiver is worth every penny you spend on it.

If you’re really not wanting to spend a lot of money on a car receiver, but you still want a brand name and decent quality receiver for your vehicle, this head unit should suffice.


Table of Contents

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