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The stereo and navigation system in your vehicle is a complex and complicated device. But, there is a way to keep the stereo and navigation system simple and convenient for all your needs. There are single or double DIN systems. The difference is that the double DIN has two displays and two speakers, while the single DIN only has one display and one speaker. So, which one should you choose? Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at them side by side.

What is DIN?

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, a German institution that is a member of the ISO. It was dedicated to standardizing measurements, dimensions, and quality control for electrical products. The DIN DIN was founded in 1934, but it wasn’t until 1951 that the first DIN standard was published, which outlined the dimensions of a DIN head unit.

DIN is the naming convention used by carmakers to describe car radio chassis size in the world of cars. It is a metric unit, and the German Government maintains the standard. 

Two-din radios are called double din because the standard was first defined as a double unit. “Double” is a common European metric reference for a metric unit, which is not to be confused with another double unit. In this sense, a double unit is the metric equivalent of a multiple of the metric unit.

What is ISO 7736?

The international standard ISO 7736 regulates the type of stereo equipment and systems (for example, TVs and other display devices) and the performance and functions of the devices (for example, the number and size of speakers and the maximum volume level). The standard is useful for ensuring that products and systems operate consistently across the world.

People seem to differ on what they consider an acceptable size for a car stereo. While some prefer taller, more luxury-like stereos, there are others who believe that the height of the stereo is only a minor consideration, and it is the width that matters most. 

The height may be a problem for some who want to install larger, double-DIN stereos, but the height of the stereo may not be the only factor determining whether a car stereo will fit in a car. A car stereo is going to have a certain width if its DIN size is going to be a certain width. But a car stereo is going to have a certain height if its DIN size is going to be a certain height. This is the reason why we have the standard size.

Knowing More About DIN and Automotive Head Units

Car stereos are getting more expensive by the year, especially for those of us who tend to make frequent trips to the radio shack for a replacement. For this reason, many people are looking at aftermarket, or aftermarket-like, car stereos that are more affordable by offering the same features as more expensive models. One of the ways to keep prices low is to go with a single DIN, or double DIN, radio head unit, which offers the same features as a higher-end head unit, but at a cheaper price.

The world of automotive head units is wide and varied. You can choose to go with a single or a double din. However, it is important to know the difference between the two. The single DIN head unit has a single DIN, which means it has a single display, but it also has two inputs, which allows the user to plug the player into two different sources. A double DIN head unit has a single DIN, but has a single display and all inputs. It is important to note that a double DIN head unit has a better sound quality than a single DIN head unit.

For most car stereos, the single DIN system is probably the most common nowadays. However, some car stereos still use the older double DIN system.

Single DIN Explained

If you’re not a car guy or gal, you may not have heard of this term yet. In a nutshell, this is a type of car stereo, or sound system, that has a single DIN (or Double DIN, if you want to get technically precise) slot in the dashboard. This is a single DIN sound system’s main advantage over a double DIN unit, which is that a single DIN car stereo can be both a radio and an AM/FM receiver.

Single DIN is one of the two types of car radio input and has a single set of speakers in it. Single DIN radio input is a smaller radio input used in many Japanese and Korean cars, buses, and trains. This term is used to describe the standard of an audio or video car stereo (dashcam) or car navigation system (car navigation system, GPS navigator, Car Navigator, Car GPS).

Advantages of Single DIN

The main reason for installing a single DIN radio is to save space and reduce weight. The DIN-standard radio is also smaller and lighter than a two DIN radio. This makes it a popular choice for cars and other vehicles with limited interior space, such as SUVs. The advantage of a single DIN radio is that it has a range of mounting options, meaning the radio can be installed in a variety of places using a variety of methods.

Double DIN Explained

Double DIN is a type of stereo speaker which can be installed either in a dashboard or in a console of an automotive. Also called a “dual DIN” radio, many car audio brands use this unit. It has larger radio input used in most Western cars and has two sets of speakers in them and an amplifier. 

This term also refers to the characteristic layout of the car’s stereo unit, where the radio and CD player are mounted in a single, large housing. Double DIN units use a separate disc player and radio remote to control the stereo and CD player and often include a monitor and microphone for the driver.

You can install two double DIN units in two ways. You can install it in the dashboard, or you can install it in the console. Both are usually installed in the dashboard, but we are using the latter method for this example.

Single DIN and Double DIN: The Differences Explained

Before making any decision, take some time to learn about the different types of car stereos available, so you can make the best choice for your vehicle. Stereos are really cool little gadgets that play music, radio, and even CD’s. Stereos come in two main types, single DIN and double DIN. While both types of stereos look similar to the naked eye, there are some subtle differences that can make one better than the other.

Most people think it’s the height of the unit, but in fact, they’re exactly the same height. The single and double-DIN varieties of car stereo are two inches tall and seven inches wide. A double-DIN unit is just four inches tall — twice as tall as a single-DIN alternative.  Double DIN head units are generally used in sports cars, while single DIN units are more common in sedans and smaller sports cars. Today’s most popular head units are the double DIN units in sports cars, but most cars are still using single DIN units.

A single-DIN (Single-DIN) car stereo system is the smallest possible in terms of the size of the entire stereo. The system lacks a display screen in the dashboard, hence, it is considered to be the most basic form of the sound system. A double-DIN (Double-DIN) car stereo is the exact same size as a single-DIN car stereo.

Can You Replace The Head Unit Of Your Car?

Some people don’t like single DIN (1 Din) car stereo installations. They feel that these are either cramped or do not provide enough sound to justify the hassle. If you want to replace your car’s head unit, you need to know the difference between single and double DIN head units. On the other hand, double DIN (2 DIN) installations are very popular, and people like the better sound quality and stereo separation.

If you are looking to replace your car’s stock head unit, you have two options. You can choose to go the DIY route, where you can swap out the unit without having to get a new car stereo. Or you can go the professional route by purchasing a new stereo that plugs into your car’s existing speaker wiring. Suppose you are looking for something that fits the needs of both the do-it-yourselfer and the professional. In that case, you may want to consider a double DIN unit, which will give you the same look like your stock head unit while meeting the needs of a professional installation.

Will it be possible to replace my Single DIN with Double DIN?

Single DIN head units are the smallest head units you can buy in a car audio. These are generally only available in the cheapest cars that don’t have a double DIN system in the car, or they are only available in compacts. Even in high-end compacts, the single DIN head unit is usually sold in a package with a double DIN head unit.

So, a single DIN head unit can only be replaced with another single DIN unit from the same manufacturer. Still, double DIN stereo head units can be replaced with any other head unit from the same manufacturer. In other words, a double-DIN stereo head unit is a very versatile unit because you can replace it with any other stereo from the same manufacturer, including a single DIN unit.

Factors to Consider – Replacing the DIN Head Unit

A head unit is the small stereo unit that sits in your dashboard and which usually contains the radio, the controls, and the speakers. With the advent of digital media and smartphones, head units became more and more prevalent. One of the most popular and widely used is the double DIN head unit, which can be found in many vehicles, including many modern sedans and hatchbacks. 

Nowadays, most cars use a single DIN (also known as “double DIN”) head unit that sits inside the dashboard and has a set of knobs and buttons for various car functions. These units usually connect to the car’s electronics via an HDMI cable, but there are some rare cases where they connect through a USB port. There are also some cars, mostly used in Europe and Asia, that use a double DIN (or “double DIN”) head unit, which is also known as a “super single DIN” unit. These units have a second DIN slot located in the center of the dashboard for a second HDMI or USB port.

Most car audio enthusiasts have the easy task of picking a head unit from the many options BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen have to offer. The choice of which unit to purchase depends on a number of factors. These are:

  • Which brand and model of your vehicle is it? 
  • How many speakers and amplifiers do you need without exceeding the vehicle’s maximum available volume? 
  • What features do you want? 
  • How many inputs do you need?

If you are replacing your stereo in your car, the odds are that you are replacing it for one of two reasons: either your old stereo didn’t work very well, or the buttons are worn out. Whatever it is, make sure that you take note of the important factors to be considered to ensure that you will buy only the best product.


It’s often confusing to new car buyers which option is the best one for their vehicle. But, which is the best option depends on the vehicle itself and what you’re looking for. 

Single-DIN head units have been a standard in the automotive industry for quite some time now and have been the standard in most newer cars for years. Double-DIN head units have been dominating the market for a while now, which is why they have replaced the single-DIN ones. 

For example, if you want the best noise insulation, then the single DIN car stereo is the best option. However, if you want the best sound quality, then you should go with the double DIN car stereo.


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