Our Recommendations for Choosing the Best Car Amplifier!

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Choosing the best car amplifier is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve the sound quality of a car audio system.The main goal of an amplifier is boosting the signal that your headunit puts out which significantly improves the sound quality you experience in your car.

Many aftermarket speakers require more power to operate correctly;But most available headunit with built-in amplifiers are not that powerful to power these speakers.In this case, and without an outboard amplifier, you could never experience high-quality music reproduction in your car.For this reason , using a separate amplifier comes handy for audio enthusiasts.

Choosing the best car amplifier can be a tedious task as there are so many types , models and brands in the market . The interactive chart below and the analysis that follows will help you decide and determine which car amplifier is for you.

Ultimate Car Amplifier Guide

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Things To Look For When Choosing the Best Car Amplifier

Car amplifiers come in various varieties and types,so you can easily choose what will work best for your vehicle.However, understanding the terms related to car amplifiers is the key to picking the right car amplifier.These terms include but not limited to : amplifier class , channels , RMS power , peak power , bass boost …

Knowing what each of these terms means is very important to make an informed choice.So we are here to help.

Amplifier Class

car amplifiers are classified by classes.These classes represent the general architecture and features of the amplifier’s electronic circuitry and they are usually associated with some particular characteristics relating to energy efficiency,sound performance and power dissipation.

Class A

Class A amplifiers feature high quality sound.They are the most desirable amplifiers but because of their high levels of operating temperatures, they are considered inefficient.This is because their output transistors always have current running through them even if there’s no audio signal (the output transistors are never turned off , hence the amp heat up unnecessarily).

Class B

Class B amplifiers are an enhanced version of Class A amplifiers.Unlike Class A,the output transistors of Class B amplifiers actually turn off for half of every signal cycle which significantly improves efficiency and saves energy,However these amps tend to distort at high frequencies.

Class AB

Class ‘AB’ and class ‘B’ amplifiers are very similar.However, Class AB amplifier allow current to run through their output transistors when there’s no audio signal, but at much lower rate, Which makes them the best compromise.

Class D

Class D amplifiers follow a different approach. They are designed to use the output transistors as switches to control power distribution.Though their transistors switch on and off rapidly , these amplifiers tend to deliver higher distortion than class AB amplifiers.

The following table shows a summary of the primary pros and cons of each class of car amplifier.

[table id=3 /]

In many cases you’d want to go with a class AB amplifier because it’s the most suitable among the other classes.However,class D amplifiers tend to be the most appropriate especially with low frequency sound applications.

We highly recommend going with class AB when choosing the best car amplifier because it offers both class A and class B benefits without sacrificing the quality of the sound.

  • Bass Boost : It stands for some built-in circuits that specialise in increasing the output of low frequencies.Some car amplifiers allow users to tune the bass boost , therefore adjusting the center frequency which results in changing the character of the bass.
  • Car Amplifier Channels : A channel is an electronic circuitry output used to power a single speaker/subwoofer.Car amplifiers with multiple channels can power multiple speakers.
  • RMS Power of Car Amplifiers : RMS(Root Mean Square) is the amount of continuous power that an amplifier produces.to put is simply the higher the RMS rating, the louder and cleaner your music sounds.for this reason , the RMS rating is the most important thing you should pay most attention to.

Finally , and as we’ve already stated , understanding the terms related to car amplifiers is the key to picking the right car amplifier.Feel free to contact us here if you have any concerns about these terms .

Top 5 Car Amplifiers

If you want to make the best decision for yourself,then you must take into consideration both the advantages and the disadvantages of a certain product. there isn’t a product 100% perfect , but some car amplifiers can actually get pretty close.

So, here you have a comparison of the technical specifications of each of the 3 top amplifiers, as well as their Amazon rating and their price:

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Ultra Compact 4-Channel Amplifier

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 is Multi-Channel Amplifier. It’s undoubtedly one of the best car amplifier in the market.it combines powerful sound and impressive sound clarity into a versatile tiny power amplifier.

Rockford Fosgate configured the PBR300X4 with an overall RMS of 300 watts in total (75 Watts x 4 @ 4-Ohms) , which is more than enough power to fill your you car’s interior space with great sounding music.

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4

Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 is of class BR, which stands for “boosted Rail”. It’s a new technology that consists of using capacitors and high-speed circuitries to boost the amp’s power supply voltage.This technology allowed Rockford Fosgate to build this powerful amplifier than fit almost anywhere.

So, if you are looking for a good investment,then Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 is be your best option.

  • Classification: Class BR
  • Audio Channels: 4
  • Bridgeable : Yes
  • Rated Power @ 4 Ohm : 4 x 75 W
  • RMS Output Power : 300 W
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Features : 4 Ohm Stable, NOMAD Protection, Speaker Level Inputs
  • Power Supply : MOSFET
  • Dimensions : 6.8 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches
  • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
Rockford Fosgate PBR300X4 Punch 300 Watt 4 Channel Boosted Rail Amplifier
  • Our ultra-compact (1.53” x 4.25” x 6.75”) Punch PBR300X4 is a full-range 4-channel amplifier designed for stereo front/rear systems that packs a Punch with 300 Watts of power without sucking a lot of juice from your electrical system
  • Designed to be compact and efficient while providing big power - RMS Power Output: 75 Watts x 4 @ 4-Ohm (4-Ohm only)
  • Featuring our Class BR, Rockford Fosgate’s patented Boosted Rail technology that sips current while retaining a storage reserve for extended bursts of power. Perfect for smaller stealth installations, motorcycles and recreational vehicles
  • Featuring high level inputs, MOSFET output stage, variable 4-6 volt hi level DC offset voltage input turn-on control, and 12dB/octave Butterworth crossover
  • Famous Rockford Fosgate build quality with a full 1-year warranty when purchased from an authorized Rockford Fosgate reseller

Planet Audio AC2000 2-Channel Amplifier

If you’re looking for a 2-channel amplifier and you’re in a budget , then Planet Audio AC2000.2 amplifier is your best bet. It has great RMS power rating (700 watts x 2 channels), with respectable frequency response.Planet Audio AC2000.2 comes with various features including a soft turn-on circuit , a remote subwoofer level control ,as well as an input sensitivity selector and a power & protection LEDs , which makes it the most adaptable & adjustable amplifier in the market.

With an impressive amount of power and a surprisingly various features, the Planet Audio AC2000.2 secures a top spot on our comparison.if you’re looking for a powerful 2 channel amps , this amplifier will not disappoint you.

Planet Audio AC2000.2

  • Audio Channels : 2
  • Bridgeable : Yes
  • Rated Power @ 2 Ohm : 2 x 700 W
  • RMS Output Power : 700 W
  • Frequency Response : 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Power Supply : MOSFET
  • Dimensions : 13-9/16″L x 10″W x 2-3/16″H
  • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
  • Features : Soft Turn-On Circuit , Remote Subwoofer Level Control , Input Sensitivity Selector , Power & Protection LEDs
Planet Audio Channel Car Amplifier - 1800 Watts
  • Power - 1000 Watts Max x 2 @2-Ohms, 500 Watts Max x 2 @4-Ohms, 2000 Watts Max x 1 Bridged @4 Ohms
  • Class A/B Topology - Class ‘A’ amplifiers have enormous amount of current flowing through its output transistors with no audio signal. Class ‘B’ amplifiers have no current flowing through its outputs with no audio signal
  • Full Range - With a Full Range amplifier you not only have the option to run your speakers, but also your subwoofers
  • Mosfet Power Supply - A MOSFET is an electrical switch that allows the flow of electrical current. It controls the output voltage and current precisely by removing the output current sensing loss & eliminating all secondary feedback circuitry
  • Variable High-Pass Crossover - Speakers reproduce sound based on high, low or mid-range frequencies. What the Variable High-Pass Crossover does is that it gears specifically towards “highs” such as all size speakers including mid ranges and tweeters

Boss Audio R1100M Monoblock Power Amplifier

When it comes to monoblock amps, we’re really torn between the Boss Audio R1100M and Kenwood Kac-9105D .Both of these amplifiers scored near to perfect as we could justify.

Boss Audio R1100M boasts some impressive specifications,and RMS Output Power that surprised us. If you’re looking for a powerful, cheap, and reliable amp this is it.

Boss Audio R1100M

  • Classification : Class A/B
  • Audio Channels : 1
  • Rated Power : 1100 Watts
  • RMS Output Power : 250 Watts x 1
  • Power Supply : MOSFET
  • Frequency Response : 9 to 50000 Hz
  • Dimensions : 2.25″ x 9.125″ x 10.4375″
  • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
  • Features : Soft Turn-On Circuit , Remote Subwoofer Level Control.
BOSS Audio Systems R1100M Monoblock Car Amplifier - 1100 Watt Amp, 2/4 Ohm Stable, Class A/B, Mosfet Power Supply, Remote Subwoofer Control, Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Installation - Connect Power/ground to the closest point of chassis of the vehicle. Keep ground wire less than 39” (100 cm) in length. Use 8 gauge or heavier wire. A Mobile Electronics Certified Professional is recommended for installation & safety
  • Power - Maximum Power Output of 1100 Watts at 2 Ohms into one channel. Max power output of 550 Watts at 4 Ohms into one Channel. This amplifier is designed to run your subwoofer(s) giving them the power that they need to perform as they were meant to
  • High Level Inputs - Speaker level inputs are commonly referred to as high-level inputs. Speaker level inputs will be used to connect the R1100M to your factory radio or an aftermarket radio that does not have low-level (RCA) inputs
  • Low Level Inputs - Line level inputs, also known as RCA inputs or low-level inputs, use RCA interconnect cables to link the R1100M with the source unit. Most aftermarket radios have multiple pairs of RCA outputs that can connect to multiple amplifiers
  • Low Pass Crossover - A low-pass filter is an electronic circuit that removes all the notes below the filter's frequency setting. You will use the Low-pass filter to primarily keep high notes out of your subwoofer(s)

Kenwood Kac-9105D

Kenwood Kac-9105D  is one of the best monoblock amplifiers that you can find out there. It’s built with high standards and it offer long term reliability as well as high sound quality .This amplifier has the ability to push up to 900watts to your subwoofers.It comes with 2 cooling fans that allow it to withstand most harsh circumstances.

Kenwood Kac-9105D amplifier is engineered to be extremely robust, thus increasing their output , which will allow you to experience the best possible sound out of your subwoofers or speakers.

Tough this amplifier is a bit pricy ,  It’s still worth every penny you spend on it.We highly recommend this amplifier if monoblock amps is what you’re looking for.

P.S =  This amplifier is not designed to power full-range speakers.

Kenwood Kac-9105D

  • Classification : Class A/B
  • Audio Channels : 1
  • Rated Power : 900 Watts x 1
  • RMS Output Power : 500 Watts x 1
  • Power Supply : MOSFET
  • Frequency Response : 9 to 50000 Hz
  • Dimensions : 2.25″ x 9.125″ x 10.4375″
  • Limited Warranty : 1 Year
  • Features : Soft Turn-On Circuit , Remote Subwoofer Level Control.

Conclusion :

The main goal when choosing the best car amplifier is to make sure that all the car’s speakers or subwoofers are sufficiently powered  , which significantly improves the sound quality of an audio system.However , car amplifiers aren’t just about boosting the sound , check out the top 5 advantages of a using a car amplifier.

If your speakers or subwoofers aren’t well powered, don’t expect too much from them. Moreover , if your speakers are not powered properly , you run the risk of damaging or wearing them out prematurely which is not what you want.So make sure your speakers/subwoofers are powerd adequately and make sure you review the terms we discussed above before you go shopping for  a new car amplifier.

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