Dpk JL XD700/5 5-Channel Class D Car Amplifier Product Review

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JL Audio is known as one of the pioneers in manufacturing some of the best car audio products in the market. They produce high-end speakers, high-quality amplifiers and other car audio accessories. One of their featured products is JL Audio XD700/5 5-Channel 700W Class D Amplifier.   

The said amplifier is part of their XDv2 series, wherein huge audio performance is expected from such a small package! The series utilized their advanced technology called NexD™ Technology, which allows the amplifiers to achieve more than 80% efficiencies.


Product Feature and Highlights

  • Amplifier: Class D 
  • Number of Channels:  5 
  • RMS Power (Main Channel): 

At 4 ohms 

  • 75 watts * 4 channels (@14.4 V) 
  • 60 watts * 4 channels (@12.5 V) 

At 2 ohms 

  • 100 watts * 4 channels (@14.4 V) 
  • 90 watts * 4 channels (@12.5 V) 

      Bridged at 4 ohms 

  • 200 watts * 2 channels (@14.4 V) 
  • 180 watts * 2 channels (@12.5 V)  
  • RMS Power (Subwoofer): 
  • At 4 ohms = 180 watts * 1 channel 
  • At 3 ohms = 240 watts * 1 channel 
  • At 2 ohms = 300 watts * 1 channel 
  • Input Voltage (via RCA): 
  • From 0.2 V – 2 V RMS (Low) 
  • To 0.8 mV – 8 V RMS (High) 
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >104 dB 
  • Built-in Crossover: Low-pass (LP), High-pass (HP) 
  • High-Pass Filter Frequency: 
  • 50 – 500 Hz (Front pair) 
  • 50 – 5000 Hz (Rear pair)  
  • Low-Pass Filter Frequency: 50 – 500 Hz (Subwoofer) 
  • Filter Slope: 12 dB/octave in each pair of channels 
  • Bass/Gain Remote: Optional (JL Audio HD-RLC required and sold separately) 
  • Fan Cooled: No 
  • Maximum Input Gauge Size: 4 AWG 
  • Fuse Rating: 60A x 1 
  • Dimensions: 2.05 in (H) * 10.23 in (W) * 7.09 in (D) 
  • Net Weight: 6.15 lbs


Our Review

The JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier is ideal for audiophile-grade system. It works fittingly in almost any land vehicle. You can allow two pairs of component speakers with high quality to drive plenty of power while also powering up a subwoofer system. Through its advanced switching technologies, whereas the amplifier is enclosed on a compact chassis, less heat and amount of strain will be experienced on the electrical system of the vehicle compared to what is being generated by conventional large audio amplifiers. 

The JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier includes filters with a gain of 12 dB / octave on all channels, providing that excellent audio and reducing unwanted noise. The filters from all channels offer a range from 50 to 500 Hz of continuously variable cutoff frequency and can be in a true 3-way crossover configuration.   

Here are the advanced technologic features that this amplifier of XDv2 series has: 

JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier

NexD™ Switching Technology

As the main feature of this amplifier, JL Audio has taken the fixed traditional PWM approach and improved it with a very high switching frequency that is 4 times higher than most Class D subwoofer amplifiers. 

This adjusts the amplifier’s bandwidth with minimal distortion and enhances efficiency while being intact on compacted structure. The result is a cleanly delivered and reliably powerful audio to the speaker channels. 

Advanced Rollback Protection

The Advanced Rollback Protection circuit supervises the thermal condition of the amplifier and adjusts the amplifier’s operation to eliminate its unwanted shutdown events. 

The feature cools down the amplifier if it will reach an undesirable operating temperature without changing the gain. The operation in most cases is inaudible, making you play your music even at most demanding circumstances.  

V2 Spec

This feature, specifically catered to XDv2 series, has two capabilities: 

  1. Automatic Turn-On 

This capability detects signal from any audio input virtually to switch on the amplifier. It gives the user much flexible installations where amplifier can be connected to any digital media players including smartphones. The user doesn’t have the need to manually switch the power button.  

2.Dual-Range Differential Balanced Input Selection 

The amplifier can have input from any audio sources. The flexibility brought by this capability can assure the user high-quality output from audio inputs of varied voltage levels.   

Differential-Balanced Inputs

The purpose of this feature is to reduce induced cable noise which happens to be a common problem in car audio installations. No special cables are needed since this feature works well with unbalanced or differential-balanced sources of signals. 

It tackles the problem of RCA cables emitting common mode noise under noisier environments, like a car, for this amplifier has better quality electronic components than a standard single-ended design.  


  • Provides great output power in such compact design 
  • Equipped with technologies that hinder electrical interruptions 
  • Has features allowing flexible choice of inputs while expecting clean output 
  • Less heat absorbed because of the designated efficiency 
  • Simple to install in which it doesn’t demand a lot of car space 


  • Might be relatively expensive 

Final Thoughts

As a pioneer in car audio equipment industry, JL Audio continues to deliver great execution on manufacturing their products. Their products speak for themselves.

This makes them one of the most trusted brands around, making them the go-to suppliers of car amplifiers today.

The JL XD700/5 Car Amplifier is one of their top-tier products and one of the best in the market! Be warned though, this one isn’t cheap! Expect to pay top dollar if you want to have excellent quality.

As far as quality, you can’t go wrong with a JL amplifier – their quality is top notch! If you like to experience such level of quality, give this one a go, you’d be surprised the level of listening experience you’d get out of it!  

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