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Are you looking for the best quality type of subwoofer bass to improve the audio quality of your car? Perhaps you would like to have a JL Audio W7 for your home. Well, whatever your purpose is, your search stops here! It’s because JL Audio W7 is already available in the marketplace. JL Audio W7 delivers amazing excursion capacity depending on its size. The good thing about this product is that it maintains its whole composure under power. Moreover, it can track multifaceted bass materials with uncanny power and accuracy.  

If you wish to upgrade the quality sounds or audio of your car, then JL Audio W7 is indeed a perfect option. This will surely give you great benefits since it has a wide range of features. Try to explore the best things about this product and be amazed at its advantages to all its users.  

If you still have doubts about the item, feel free to explore everything about JL Audio W7. In this review, you will be enlightened about the different remarkable features, its specifications, both advantages & disadvantages, and its overall benefits to the users.

By knowing all these things, you can have the chance to pick the ideal one for you and purchase the best one that will give you more benefits. To start learning more about the product, take a glimpse at the succeeding discussions about JL Audio W7.  

Quick Review About JL Audio W7 Line

JL Audio W7 is best to utilize with an amplifier range of power between 300W and 750W. This can be optimized to make it function at 1.25 cu. Ft. sealed enclosure, or a 1.5 cu. ft. ported enclosure. The detailed enclosure suggestions can be found on the “specifications” tab.  

JL Audio W7 products may differ in size. The range power of every product may also depend on the size of the item. So, picking the right size would also affect the range power capacity of the audio W7.  

The variants of Audio W7 are utilized in powered subwoofers at home. The product is prominently used by many people. Thus, this item has become one of the leading products in the whole world. In fact, this item is usually used at different mastering and recording studios.  

One of the unique propositions of the W7 is its capability to provide extreme output, sublime sound value, and accurate dynamics. The loudspeaker design’s principal keys to its performance capabilities, wherein the mechanical and electromagnetic behavior combine in complex ways.  

JL Audio W7 is completely built based on the quality standards of the manufacturing company. So, rest assured that the product is of good quality — from its original design to the screws and bolts being used in the item itself.  

What’s in the Box

JL Audio W7 offers everything on its package; so, everything you wish to use in installing this audio sub-bass on your vehicle is included. To be more specific, these things that are included inside this box or package include:

  • Owner’s manual containing operating instructions
  • Warranty card
  • Mounting necessities or requirements
  • Wireless audio device/speaker

If you purchase this item, you will never be disappointed since its performance level is beyond expectations. It will give you quality audio sounds while you are inside your car.

JL Audio W7 Key Features

JL Audio W7x has several key features which the manufacturing company is proud of. These remarkable features are the things that you need to check and consider when buying a product. It’s because these allow you to gain more benefits and advantages. Some of the best and reliable features of JL Audio W7x are the following:

Power Handling

The range of power that this product can handle depends on the size and overall quality. For the Audio W7, its power may range from 200 watts to 1600 watts. This feature allows you to pick the right power range that would be suitable for you. If you want high-quality audio, you can pick a bass material with good sounds or audio.  

Rubber-Based on Its Surrounding

A rubberized material is good enough to protect its surrounding portion against scratches and damages. If you place the audio W7 on the specific area of your car, then the rubberized material will somehow be the protection guard against negative elements like damages, scrapes, or scratches.  

Mica-Filled Polypropylene Cone 

JL Audio’s patented thin-line technology woofer compresses its architecture using a tube structure built into an injection-molded cone body to achieve greater excursion. This structure then supports the complete annular spider and its voice coil while allowing the location of a huge motor structure on the speaker compared with conventional designs. JL Audio W7 is optimized for mini enclosures and provides a tab-ear design for mounting to maximize the cone area within the mounting footprints.

Engineered for Amazingly Deep, Powerful, and Dynamic Bass Sensitivity

This feature allows you to experience a dynamic and good quality sound for any type of music you have in your car. With its bass-sensitivity feature, every beat or rhythm of the sound is like music in your ears.  

Ultra-Responsive in Any Kind of Music

The ferrite motor of this product delivers perfect driving power behind its ultra-responsive audio W7. This kind of subwoofer also offers a state-of-the-art kind of cooling system that allows the item to stay cool and nice.  

With Great Internal Performance

A high-temperature voice coil is a thing that you can see at the center of the audio W7. The voice coil is paired with high-roll materials, which make the audio device perform or function for several hours.  

JL Audio W7 Specifications 

It’s better to know the specifications of the JL Audio W7 since these things help you to decide whether the product is relatively good for you or not. To give you the specifications of the JL Audi W7, then take a glimpse at the following lists:

  • The advanced cooling system of airflow
  • High roll surrounding foam
  • Competition grade paper cone
  • 4 Ohm configuration for voice coil
  • RMS power: around 800 watts
  • Peak power: around 1600 watts
  • Fs or Free Air Resonance: 34 Hz
  • Frequency response: 22 t0 300 Hz
  • Net weight: 10-25 kg (depending on the size of the audio speaker)
  • DC resistance: 2.75 ohms

Note: The audio W7 employs the pole vent in getting rid of pressure and heat from the speaker’s internal area. The vent is situated at the speaker’s rear part. Then, a minimum required distance of around 19 mm or 0.75 should be met between the speaker’s back and the enclosure wall to allow appropriate pole vent operation.  

Safety Notice: It is crucial that the enclosure of the completed subwoofer is appropriately mounted to your car using heavy steel crews or bolts and huge steel washers on the two sides of the bolts. This will then reduce the chances of having an injury to the individuals/occupants if there’s a sudden deceleration or collision on public highways.  

JL Audio W7 Pros & Cons

The use of the JL Audio W7 is essential for those people who love listening to music while driving their cars. There are some drivers who want to listen to their favorite music or songs while they are going to their specific destination. In fact, this device is also an accessory to their car that improves the whole value of their asset. For these reasons, people want to purchase JL Audio W7 to upgrade the quality of sounds or audio when they are listening to their favorite music tracks.  

If you also love music and want to listen to your favorite songs in different genres, then you will surely appreciate JL Audio W7. This product helps you to enhance the overall quality of the sounds. When you purchase this item, you can personally have the following benefits and advantages:

High-quality resonance of bass sounds 

JL Audio W7 delivers good quality sounds even at the lowest tune. Using this device to improve the sound’s quality is indeed a nice option since it seems that you’re listening to a 3D sound. Thus, it gives you a relaxing mode and ambiance while driving your car.  

Quite affordable compared to its counterparts 

Aside from the premium quality sound it provides, the good thing about this product is its affordability in the market. Though the competition in circulation is tough, you can still find the best and most affordable JL Audio W7 on the market. You don’t need to spend a big amount of money just to have an audio speaker that will help you upgrade the audio in your car.  

Multi-purpose functioning 

Although some people tend to buy this item for their car or vehicle, some purchase it for home purposes. With its multi-purpose functions, you have the chance to use it either in your private car or place it in your room to improve the sounds of your speaker, which is connected to other devices like TV or radio.  

With concealed mounting for the device 

Another good thing about having JL Audio W7 is that it can conceal the mounting materials during installation. With this, it gives you a neat output once you place it inside your car. It doesn’t look messy even if you place it in a specific area inside your car.  

Power handling is amazingly great 

Most of the customers claim that JL Audio W7 is insanely good when it comes to power handling. As you even check the specifications and features of the product, you will then realize that this audio W7 has a power range of 100-1600 watts, depending on its size and quality. So, if you want more powerful sounds, then you can opt for higher quality and a better type of W7.  

Provides clean and loud sounds 

The manufacturing company ensures that JL Audio W7 can deliver a maximum performance level when it comes to the quality of sounds. So, as you slowly turn the audio speaker up to your preferred volume, you may notice that it can even deliver the loudness but a clean type of sound.  

With warranty period 

Another good thing about buying JL Audio W7 is that it is covered in the warranty period. This is one of the ways on how to ensure customer satisfaction with the product that they are purchasing and using. If the item gets busted, damaged, or malfunctioned, then the terms and conditions may apply. Thus, any customer can ask for a replacement or refund from the supplier.  

These are just some of the advantages that you might get once you purchase the JL Audio W7 for good.  

Despite its numerous advantages to its users, there are still some people who are worried enough about using the product. It is because of the drawbacks and some isolated instances that they experience while using the device. Some negative feedback or comments include:

Authenticity of the product 

Because of the good quality and prominence of the JL Audio W7, there’s a possibility that this product could be imitated by some manufacturing companies. Thus, it worries other customers if they can still purchase the best quality audio W7 in the marketplace. As a piece of advice, it would be better if you bought this item from your most trusted supplier. Never entertain other suppliers that offer fake products in the market.  

Maintenance of the product 

Some customers are worried because they think that the audio W7 needs high maintenance. Well, this item doesn’t need too much maintenance. You only need to make sure that the product is used properly to enjoy a longer lifespan of the device.  

Final Verdict

In general, JL Audio W7 line provides great benefits and advantages to its users. Although some customers are unsatisfied with the utilization of the product because of what they feel, there are still numerous advantages that you can be proud of. Hence, JL Audio W7 is a good investment for everyone who would like to enhance the overall quality of the sounds or their music’s audio.

So, check out this product now online and purchase one for you.  


Table of Contents

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