Pioneer Touch Screen Car Stereos Review

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When it comes to touchscreen car stereos, Pioneer is probably one of the best out there. They’ve been around since the late ’30’s and they’ve stabilized themselves as one of the leaders in the car audio industry. Everything about their stereos is top notch. Pioneer is one of the oldest digital entertainment products companies out there, with over 70 years in their belt, they have a long working knowledge in figuring out how to make the best car stereos possible. In this guide, we go over some of the best Pioneer Touch Screen Car Stereos out there.

Pioneer touch screen car stereos are amazing. They’re insanely popular in today’s market and represent one of the handful of major brands. However, with any product, there are some who love it and some who don’t. We consider Pioneer touch screen car stereos to be a bit more expensive compared to others we’ve come across. Though you might be in for a heftier investment, you are getting yourself a great product. Even if the price point might be much higher, if you’re in it for the long run, its recommended to pay a little as it’ll be a much better investment for you.

When you’re looking at touch screen car stereos, one of the biggest determining factors is the number of features your stereo has to offer. Each version of Pioneer touch screen car stereos comes with more features than the one before. One example: the AVH-X1500DVD is the entry-level and AVH-4000NEX is latest high-end version. But basically it boils down to a simple formula : more features = a higher price tag.

2015 Pioneer In-Dash DVD Receivers

Why would I buy a higher-priced model ?

For a lot of audio fans, a lower-priced touch screen car stereo will do the job. So why should you spend your hard earned buck on more expensive models? Well basically it comes to this: when it comes to touch screen car stereos, you really don’t want to buy the wrong model. You don’t want to buy a car stereo simply because it is less expensive. When it comes to car stereos you get what you pay for.

More expensive stereos will offer:

  • Better sound: High-priced stereos feature higher power output, improved chipsets and processors, as well as more flexible fine tuning. That means higher sound quality, even if the rest of your sound setup is kept untouched.
  • Easier to use : The Advanced controls and wide touchscreen displays really make a car stereo easier to use, more intuitive and more fun to use! They really give your stereo that futuristic feel! Some touchscreen stereos include remote control for more freedom and convenience.
  • “Wow” factor : High-end stereos feature a more distinguished visual appearance — customizable graphics and multi-color displays. For those of you who wants all these features but don’t have the space for a Double Din receiver , pioneer also offers two Single Din flip out models with motorized touchscreens.


Despite the big money you need to throw at this stereo, it definitely earns its keep. It’s  fantastically elegant and classy. This touchscreen car stereo will make all your road trips a blast as it combines a huge array of features with an impressive specifications as well as an unequaled ease-of-use and reliability.


Multi Color:

Pioneer touch screen car stereos features a wide multi-color touchscreen display formatted and designed specifically for safer in-vehicle operation. It can show all your system info, tracks metadata (album,artist,category…), and videos in sharp detail and vivid contrast, indulging you in real excitement with full HD rich color display that can be adjusted to let you set the angle for a perfect viewing in your car. Additionally, you can choose from up to 112 different colors to match your unit illumination to your vehicle’s dash.


You are an “on the go” person and you don’t want to miss any calls ? The built-in bluetooth is for you. You can answer your calls with a touch of the receiver’s touchscreen. Additionally, you can wirelessly stream and control music from your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device.Pioneer went the extra step and equipped this unit with Siri® Eyes functionality which gives you the ability to voice control your headunit, making and receiving calls, selecting and playing music, accessing and getting directions, setting reminders and much more. This feature is compatible with Apple devices with voice recognition capability.

Mirror Link:

If you’re like most people nowadays, you count on your smartphone for … well, pretty much everything. That’s why it’s only natural that you’d want to tap into it every now and then even when you’re driving. Don’t do that!!! Pioneer has anticipated this need and made this unit support MirrorLink. This simply means that you can connect your smartphone to your car stereo and gain access to all your apps via the car’s navigation screen and dashboard/steering-wheel buttons.

App Radio MODE:

Additionally, Pioneer has integrated iPhone® into driving experience with its advanced App mode so you can experience control of compatible apps directly on your car’s dash,putting a wide variety of music, calendar, maps, and social media apps at your command.

Smartphone Compatible:

You can access your playlists stored on any media storing device simply by plugging it to the rear USB input cable. An advanced search mode and alphabet search come handy when you’re looking for a song. If you are an android user, don’t feel left out, the receiver can recognize an Android smartphone (4.0 or later) as a music storage device and thus you can browse and playback the tracks on your playlist and operate basic operations like REW, FF, REPEAT, PAUSE and PLAY without the need for an app.


Pandora gives you access to a massive music database that is constantly being updated with new materials. If you’re a big fan of streaming internet radio and want to take control over your Pandora account from your touchscreeen, you’ll be happy to know that Pioneer made it possbile for you guys. Simply connect your smartphone to the receiver and enjoy endless hours of music you’re sure to love, everywhere you desire.

Concluding Thoughts

In the end, the Pioneer AVH-X5600BT is a great investment; it’ll last you for many years to come. Its performance is phenomenal,and it makes a great center for entertainment on the road. Plus, on the bright side,the elegant design and the gleaming finish of its surface reflect luxury at every turn.While it may seem persuasive to justify the purchase of this stereo based on its features – well, you just have to see this thing to believe it. It’s Awesome!

Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS Touchscreen Stereo

Are you tired of the same old stodgy,flat sound coming from your factory car stereo deck, and want something that can give your dashboard a futuristic feel?Something more advanced and a little more visually appealing?Well, Pioneer anticipated these needs and came up with the AVH-X2600BT and AVH-X3600BHS, which should suit fans of the PIONEER AVH series who might like a touchscreen car stereo that doesn’t break that bank.Both of these stereos offer sleek designs that will surely satisfy anyone’s craving for aesthetic;if you are looking for a car stereo that combines all the features and functionalities in one single unit,you’ll have to stick with the high-end models such as AVH-X5600BT, I’m afraid.

Still,the key differentiator that is noticeable immediately is the display that has shrunk to 6.1-inches. Yet,you’ll still be able to enjoy the advanced touchscreen controls which offer a greater control of receiver functions. If you’re a tweaker who likes to experiment different sound settings, and want a new EQ curve? Well ,just draw it on the screen with your finger and you’re done.

Pioneer AVH-X3600BHS Touchscreen Stereo

In an age where Bluetooth connectivity is a necessity and with more states enacting laws against holding a phone while driving, you’ll be happy to know that you can use your phone safely by pairing it with your receiver. Another awesome feature is that you can wirelessly stream music from your phone or any other bluetooth compatible devices.

In conclusion, these two stereos offer a rich blend of features and capabilities for the buck including HD Radio™ tuner,MirrorLink™,Advanced App Mode ,Siri Eyes and more… As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, we’d say its screen size which is a bit smaller when compared with high-end models. Their lack of ability to adjust the angle for a perfect viewing in your vehicle might also be a huge drawback for some of you.

The best part about all four of these touchscreen car stereos variants is that they’re all comparable in terms of features and performance. These are actually really good deals for car stereos. It really cements their status as the best touchscreen car stereos on the market. All of these stereos have something for everyone, but they’re all the same basic piece of wonderment.

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