What’s the Best Bluetooth Car Stereo?

You’re an on-the-go person. You don’t want to miss your calls. You don’t want to pull over to the side of the curb of the highway to answer on you phone either. Obviously, having a bluetooth car stereo will also save you from the hassle of fumbling through your pockets or purse for a ringing phone. Nowadays, bluetooth compatibility is one of the most desired features and has become a top priority for shoppers when deciding on a new car headunit.It’s a great feature to have on your receiver. Even better, it’s downright practical.Life in your car will get a lot easier with your phone being paired wirelessly to your stereo.However,finding the best bluetooth car stereo can be tough, so we’ve put together this resource – a detailed,all-inclusive guide so you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

What Are the Benefits of Car Receivers With Bluetooth?


Bluetooth_logoBluetooth connectivity allows hands-free calling , making your drive time safer as you can take the call just with a touch of button on the receiver and talk while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.Bluetooth connectivity also allows streaming music wirelessly from almost any bluetooth supported device through the receiver.Some advanced receivers can even be configured to display the incoming call number.Incoming calls can also be set to either pick up automatically or at the touch of a button.

Besides other features such as CD playback,HD Radio™ tuner,AM/FM tuner,SiriusXM compatibility …etc,the addition of bluetooth feature rounds out an already wide array of car audio options.

The whole package :Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X998 CD Receiver

Kenwood Excelon KDC-X998 review

Excelon receivers are the new flagship in-car receivers by Kenwood.These receivers are top notch quality and look fantastic.It’s noticeable that Kenwood put a lot of thought and commitment into creating these impressive headunits.However, the price tag is fairly steep.Floating around 120 – 200 ,and even more on high-end models.Yeah,that’s pricy but these receivers carry a HUGE return on investment.

On its own, the Excelon KDC-X998 by kenwood boasts a wide array of options and features including a built-in HD Radio,a CD receiver with AM/FM tuner,Siri Eyes Free control capability,Pandora and iHeart Radio, not to mention Bluetooth which allows for an easy and fast pairing – secure pairing (SSP) technology, with the ability to prioritize a phone.The KDC-X998 comes with an external Bluetooth microphone that will allow you to be heard clear and loud on the other end when placed in an optimal location within your car.

With bluetooth connectivity you’ll not only enjoy hands-free-calling and wireless music streaming,but you’ll also be able to scroll through your phonebook right on a multiple line display and use the advanced Alphabet Search function to sped up the process. Additionally,if you’ve got a new smartphone (Android 4.0 or later),you’ll be able to see some Metadata such as artist,track, album right on the display.

The sound machine : Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS


We’ve covered this receiver before in previous reviews, but it bears repeating – it’s one of the best bluetooth car stereos out there. Its simple but futuristic design combined with a stellar array of features and entertainment options,makes this headunit worth every penny.

It has a wonderfully designed and beautifully finished display with the most intuitive menus and buttons,making it an easy to use receiver.(Additionally)Pairing your phone to this receiver is relatively a quick process,and we were very happy with the fast loading of contact list and the overall quick responsiveness of dialing functions.

What we like the most about this headunit’s Bluetooth connectivity is the “Guest Mode” which allows adding and replacing a mobile device to the receiver in a split second.Guest mode is a great feature for those who have multiple devices or for a family vehicle with multiple drivers as it allows to pair your phone to the receiver easily without having to go through complicated settings,lengthy registration or deletion process.

Additionally,with Bluetooth wireless technology,you’ll be able to use the voice recognition feature that is part of your smartphone’s operating system.Newer smartphones such as iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 can take advantage of Siri® Eyes feature with a touch of a button.Siri® Eyes is Apple’s latest in-car technology gives you access to several iPhone functions including making calls,listening to text messages,reminders and more.We believe that this new feature is taking the driving experience to a new level with improved comfort and convenience.However, admittedly, for the time being,it’s still in its first stages.

The command center : Pioneer AVH-X5600BHS


If you have a vehicle that can accommodate a double din headunit and you have a budget that can stretch to around $360,then you should really go with this AVH-X5600BHS.Otherwise, if you’re on low budget and still want a double din headunit however, Pioneer offers several less expensive models to cover all budgets.

The AVH-X5600BHS is a command center and its easily one of the best bluetooth car stereo out there. A one size, every feature under the sun. It includes everything you need to make your drive time more enjoyable,safer and efficient.Its adjustable 7″ inch display with larger icons will make your dashboard leap out,shiny and more visually appealing. The screen can be adjusted with a touch of a button ensuring a comfortable viewing angle in your vehicle.

What we love the most about this headunit is its dual zone entertainment feature which is simply a way to enjoy different AV source at the same time. To put it simply,this feature allows the front passengers to listen to the radio while the rear passenger can watch a DVD. It’s a great feature to make your long trip go by a little more quickly.

The AVH-X5600BHS scores high when it comes to Bluetooth connectivity thanks to its wide touchscreen display that makes phone calls a straightforward process as if you’re holding your cellphone. Moreover,you can scroll through your contacts list in the same way you do on your phone. And the incorporated ABC search feature and the wide touchscreen space make the process of searching contacts a great perk.


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