Top 9 Best Under Seat Subwoofer for 2020

In your quest for the best under seat subwoofer, it’s important to remember one crucial fact: these subs aren’t going to turn your ride into a rolling thunderstorm of bass when compared to larger subs. They may not be a great option if you’re looking for ground-pounding bass, but they can certainly add some depth […]

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Our Take on The Best 15 Inch Subwoofer

When it comes to subwoofers, size really does matter. If you’re seeking big bass and you’ve got plenty of room in your vehicle, there’s no substitute for larger subs. Otherwise, if space is an issue in your vehicle,and you still want to experience some bass, there are plenty of options out there including,smaller subs (8″ […]

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Reviews of the Best Powered Subwoofers

If you’re looking for an easy, off-the-shelf and space-saving bass system, a powered subwoofer is a great way to go.  A powered subwoofer combines both the woofer and amplifier in a one single enclosure.  This means, there’s only one piece of equipment you’ll need to find a mounting place for.  Some of the best powered woofers are […]

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How to Build a Budget-Friendly Car Audio System For Your Vehicle

Congratulations, fellas : you’ve taken your first step into a larger world. Having a car audio system that fully satisfies your needs and wants is impressive, as I can attest, but I can certainly admit it can be a bit of a daunting endeavour to figure out where and what to start with. There’s about […]

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Review of Some of The Best Car Subwoofer Brands

Best Car Subwoofer Brands

What makes the best car subwoofer brands? Finding a good car subwoofer can be really tough, especially if you’re not an expert in car audio industry.If you’ve been seeking big bass,like I have, you probably started with one of those cheapest , mass-produced full-range speakers numbers and moved to subwoofer after you realized just the difference […]

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Top 7 Best 12 Inch Subwoofers for 2020

Car subwoofers come in various shapes, variants and sizes. That’s the reason why even the most knowledgeable person in this field feel a bit overwhelmed. However, it’s also the reason why everyone is able to get exactly what they want. Bear in mind that size is an important key to take into account when you are considering buying a […]

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